Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Being a thrifty mum

After a clear out of the kids wardrobes I have come to the conclusion that Daisy is a lot harder on her clothes than Robyn was at that age, probably due to the fact she is a very messy eater and loves mud and rolling around on the grass. A lot of hers ended up in the throw in bin pile due to being stained, faded and ripped. After recovering from the heartbreak of many of my favourite tops and dresses going into that pile I decided all was not lost as I could chop some of it up for little sewing projects like heart garlands and birds etc

2 of her tops that were part of a set and a little green dress have already become a cute little mum sign.

The only problem is that I discovered too late that I'd cut the second M out the wrong way so that the heart pattern was facing sideways not down and there's not enough material left to redo it but hey I'm not worried, it's little mistakes like that that just make it more "me" ha ha. I enjoyed sewing them up and it only took 2 evenings in front of the tv

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