Sunday, 25 April 2010


all done

sitting pretty on my bed

Well the blanket is finally finished and looks lovely on my bed. I am now working on both my girls blankets at the same time, 3 ripples of one then over to do 3 ripples on the other and so on just to make sure they both get finished at the same time so there's no arguments.

war wounds from the pins

I picked up Homestyle Sewing magazine when Robyn had to go to the dentist as I loved the look of the freebie bag kit on it and decided it would be great for all the wool I had to get for 2 kids blankets. I needed to seperate the wool for both kids as they gave me seperate colour lists so didnt want to get mixed up
I'm not the worlds best sewer and like to sew things by hand as its lovely and relaxing ...ok I admit my ex gave me a lovely old sewing machine but I have no idea how to thread it so for now I'm still hand sewing. I want to make everything in the mag. The bag itself was pretty straightforward but it took 3 attempts to sew the handles on as I've never done those round handles before. I also lined the bag and added a wee pocket for my crochet hooks. I also found out the hard way that sewing something with lots of pins in on my lap wearing just a nightie on is pretty damn sore when the pins attack bare legs. The finished result is great though, a lovely roomy bag
lined with a little pocket added
finished bag
fulfilling it's destiny

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