Monday, 27 April 2009

Delivery Stories

I wanted to add my babies delivery stories to their First Year scrapbooks but as I managed to write 2 fairly long tales I was faced with 2 problems - how to fit it on a layout and how to hide it for anyone who may be squeamish or simply not want to read a grisly no holds barred account of giving birth (twice).

I came up with a really cute folded envelope so the long tale would be neatly tucked away in some gorgeous double sided paper that I found in Papercrafts. I originally stuck them down on some baby themed paper but after about five minutes I decided I hated it so had to carefully unstick them both. After a days thinking I went for plain white cardstock with plain yellow 12x12 paper that I trimmed down then sewed a heart border up one side using Papermania borders sewing templates. On the other side I stuck on 3 baby themed tags and below the envelope I stuck on a little notice to say whose delivery tale it was and 3 pink flowers under that. I made both layouts the same and I'm much happier with these results

Robyn's Delivery

Daisy's Delivery

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